Introduction to the exhibition by Carola Dertnig (Vienna)
Writers: Marente de Moor (Amsterdam), Teresa Präauer (Vienna)

Moderator: Rainer Moritz (Hamburg)

The new museum building on the Kunstmeile Krems designed by architects Bernhard and Stefan Marte is an ideal location for an all-round experience of the visual arts and literature. In her artistic work (installations, videos and performances), Carola Dertnig is interested in processes – be they related to historiography, an artwork, genres or perspectives. The focus of the Krems exhibition is on excavations carried out in 2016/2017 for the new State Gallery building, the medieval and Roman artefacts, which were unearthed at the time, and the issue of generational change. What does the steady infiltration of the past mean in the present? Is this already a sufficient basis for learning about the present as formed by the past? What consequences do historical constructions, historical shifts and historical transcriptions have for living and exhibition spaces; how do they change paths and routes and their perception, or the relationship of the urban and rural?

Following an introduction to her exhibition by Carola Dertnig, at the nearby Klangraum Krems Minoritenkirche two leading European female writers take centre stage. Their literary work has an affinity with visual art or art topics.

In cooperation with the State Gallery of Lower Austria.


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