Accessibility at Klangraum Krems Minoritenkirche

We go to great efforts to ensure that our events are as barrier-free as possible, including advance ticket booking. To this end, we implemented a comprehensive set of measures in autumn 2015 to eliminate as many barriers as possible or at least reduce them in light of the monument protection regulations. We have compiled the most important information for you below.

Directions, Parking & Arrival
Arrival by car and parking: There is a barrier-free parking lot (albeit not exclusively reserved for the venue) on Minoritenplatz at the corner of Steiner Landstraße. It is located in the immediate vicinity of the Klangraum Krems Minoritenkirche (ca. 50 m); the cobblestone square has a slight slope uphill.  
Directions to the parking lot: Coming from the B3 motorway, follow the two traffic circles at the Stein ship station (Franz-Zeller-Platz) in the direction of Kunsthalle Krems. Turn left at the Kunsthalle into Steiner Landstraße, 500 metres down the street on the right-hand side is Minoritenplatz.
Visitors with limited mobility can drive up within 5 metres of the main entrance of the Klangraum Krems Minoritenkirche with a travel attendant. Thereafter, please park your car on Minoritenplatz or on the nearby Steiner Donaulände street.

Infopoints for People with Disabilities
People with disabilities can contact us directly on site at these three infopoints:
Barrier-free intercom to the NÖ Festival und Kino GmbH office on Minoritenplatz 4 (workdays from Mon–Thu, 9:00 am – 4:00 pm and Fri 9:00 am – 1:00 pm)
Cash desk in the foyer of Forum Frohner on Minoritenplatz 4 (during exhibition times from Tue–Sun, 11:00 am – 5:00 pm)
Cash desk in the foyer of the Klangraum Krems Minoritenkirche on Minoritenplatz 5 (only on festival days or at events, at least 1.5 hours before the beginning of the event)
Since 2019 the NÖ Festival und Kino GmbH ticket office is located in the State Gallery of Lower Austria, which is barrier-free. (workdays from Tue–Fri, 10:00 am – 5:00 pm (November to February); workdays from Tue–Fri, 10:00 am – 6:00 pm (March to October))

Information for People with a Hearing Impairment
Klangraum Krems Minoritenkirche offers barrier-free listening over WIFI for all events (except donaufestival). Mobile Connect streams the sound in real time to your smartphone and directs the audio signal to your headphones, hearing implant, or induction hearing aid.
In cooperation with Sennheiser.

Furthermore, for people with a hearing impairment and a hearing aid with a telecoil we have installed a mobile inductive loop system at the cash desk in Klangraum Krems Minoritenkirche and also in the ticket office on the first floor of the monastery, which enables one to communicate with our ticket staff without problems.

Wheelchair Places in the Klangraum Krems Minoritenkirche
Please announce your need for a wheelchair place on time, ideally to the ticket staff when booking tickets in advance. The cash desk is accessible via a special table extension. Before the beginning of the event, you will be escorted by one of our staff to the reserved place.

The chairs have armrests on both sides, and the seat surface is 46 cm wide.

Travel Attendants
If your disability card mentions an attendant, this person receives free entrance.

Assistance Dogs
Assistance dogs, such as guide dogs for the blind, are generally allowed into the event space. However, for the welfare of the animals, please ensure that the volumes and frequencies in the Klangraum Krems Minoritenkirche are within safe standards.    

Barrier-Free WC
The Klangraum Krems Minoritenkirche has a barrier-free and appropriately equipped WC, which is accessed via the cloister.

Building Measures
All doors in the Klangraum Krems Minoritenkirche are equipped with mechanical door force enhancers to ease accessibility to the premises.

For more information feel free to contact us directly: +43 (0) 2732 90 80 33.

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