Saturday, November 24th

From Salzlagerstätte to the Hinterhaus
Castle Ruin

Walking tour through the historic centre of Spitz with Mayor Andreas Nunzer 
Meeting point: Innenhof Schloss zu Spitz

09:30   |   Schloss zu Spitz

Free admission

Andreas Nunzer, the Mayor of Spitz, leads another guided tour this year – on a slightly different trail than 2017 – through the historic centre of Spitz. He introduces the town’s eventful medieval period up to the Reformation and most recent history.

For interested participants there is something new to listen to: from courtyards for the medieval grape harvest, Protestant buildings, the church with choir, the Kremser Schmidt painting in the Maritime Museum, the Bürgerspital hospital or the Rotes Tor – a versatile tour which offers illuminating glimpses of the history of Central Europe.


The Law of the Series

Ivica Đikić (Zagreb), Illinca Florian (Berlin), Nino
Haratischwili (Hamburg), Mischa Zickler
(Vienna), Moderator: Rüdiger Wischenbart

11:00   |   Schloss zu Spitz

Free admission, booking required

A unique aspect of narrative in literature and film is highlighted with another area of specialist interest: the ‘law of the book series’ or film sequel. In the entertainment industry, this law recently became the Number One strategy for innovation.

Two decades ago, when J.K. Rowling’s manuscript for the first volume of Harry Potter was turned down by more than twenty publishers, it was accepted that literature has no impact for groups of young readers. Indeed, series of published novels were said to have zero marketing potential.

Nowadays, the ‘law of the series’ is a rule of thumb worldwide, regardless of media and formats, with a target audience of consumers aged under 25. The biggest blockbusters and bestselling hits of the last decade were all book series – from Stieg Larsson’s Millennium to Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight Saga and Suzanne Collins’s The Hunger Games to E.L. James’s Shades of Grey. The American cable channel HBO and now streaming services like Netflix or Amazon, developed a business model for series formats that is a growing rival for Hollywood and increasingly challenges its commercial foundation.

In cooperation with Kino im Kesselhaus Kems and Drehbuch
Forum Wien.


Down Stream. Up Stream

14:30 Uhr   |   Meeting point: Innenhof Schloss zu Spitz

Free admission, booking required

Ships and boats travelled along the River Danube long before modern times. For the ancient Romans, the Danube was the frontier between the Roman Empire and countries in the north; in the Middle Ages, it was the centre of east-west trade in the Austro-Bavarian Danube region. Before the introduction of steamships in the mid-19th century, ships and rafts were made entirely of wood. The Maritime Museum in Spitz offers numerous insights into the technology and history of historical shipping on the River Danube.


Literary and Fine Food Soirée

Writers: Ivica Đikić, Nino Haratischwili, Madame Nielsen, Carmen Stephan
Unfortunately Marie Jeanne Urech had to cancel for health reasons
Moderator: Gerwig Epkes
Wines from the estate Weingut Josef and Hertha Donabaum.
Gourmet evening with cuisine by Weinhotel Wachau.

19:00   |   Schloss zu Spitz

Tickets EUR 28,-/26,- (incl. wine & food)

The soirée is a combination of literature and conversation with fine wine tastings and gourmet food. Gerwig Epkes, the literature and features editor with SWR2 in Baden-Baden, introduces top international writers and their books: a sophisticated political thriller from Croatia, an emotional Georgian-German narrative wonder, enchanting prose from Denmark, a story about Orson Welles that is enthralling as well as Swiss-French linguistic art that promises great entertainment.

Dinner in the Schlosskeller rounds off the evening. Stimulating intellectual entertainment with gourmet food and a special opportunity to meet European writers.

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