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Themes of Our Time

Themes of Our Time is the moniker for the European literary think tank that has had special meaning for the European Literature Days since the festival’s inception. Topical social and cultural themes are illuminated from the unique viewpoint of international writers. The interested public participates in several days of animated exchanges. The European Literature Days also make it possible to experience the specially themed readings, talks and discussions remotely via live stream. Videos in the film gallery can still be accessed on the Elit-YouTube channel.

Words and Sounds

The European Literature Days create artistic symbioses with a new event-series in Words and Sounds: a literature-and-music duo that makes possible a sensual approach to near and distant worlds. Renowned actors read from recently released works by international writers who are first introduced in conversation. Glatt&Verkehrt Festival compiles a versatile musical repertoire.

Hidden Treasures

In cooperation with kremskultur, the European Literature Days 2019 initiated Hidden Treasures (Verborgenes und Erlesenes), an innovative event series, which is designed to discover the many special places and architectural treasures in Krems that are not usually open to the general public. Recitals are performed by artists involved in Krems’s lively music scene. The centrepiece of each evening is the best literature from European writers, who read from their works and take time to interact with enthusiastic festivalgoers in a unique setting.


Honorary Prize of the Austrian Book Trade for Tolerance in Thought and Action

The prize-giving ceremony for the Austrian Book Trade’s Honorary Award for Tolerance in Thought and Action has been held at the European Literature Days since 2017. The book trade’s Main Association (HVB) awards this accolade to writers, who through their work and through their commitment, have shown tolerance towards their neighbours who speak different languages and have different cultures, and who have therefore made a contribution to peaceful coexistence in Europe.

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