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ELit Book-Tip: Robert Prosser: “Phantome”

Posted by Markus Köhle | | filed under: ,

How do war, displacement and dislocation change a person? How can someone gain a foothold again where he has arrived now? What remains, what plays on one’s mind and what can never be forgotten again? ...

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ELit Book-Tip: Katharina Greve: “Das Hochhaus. 102 Etagen Leben”

Posted by Christian Gasser | | filed under: ,

The skyscraper as a microcosm: In “The Skyscraper. 102 Storeys of Life” German comic book writer Katharina Greve introduces one of the most original comics of the year.

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ELit Book-Tip: Kristine Bilkau: “Eine Liebe, in Gedanken”

Posted by Rainer Moritz | | filed under: ,

Some books slip through the back door into their readers’ minds. Some books don’t need to make showy, grand gestures, or to demonstrate their authors’ skill on every page...

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ILIYA TROYANOV – The Charming ‘Collector of Worlds’

Posted by Beat Mazenauer | | filed under: ,

Iliya Troyanov was born in Sofia in 1965. Aged six, he and his family fled to Germany where they were granted political asylum. Their journey was the start of a life in many different places: with ...

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