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ELit Book-Tip: Imre Oravecz: “A rög gyermekei (Die Kinder der Scholle)”

Posted by Gábor Csordás | | filed under: ,

Imre Oravecz’s third volume of his trilogy A rög gyermekei (Die Kinder der Scholle) has concluded an enterprise that continued for over twenty years. Although the first part of this trilogy was only ...

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ELit Book-Tip: Aude Seigne: “Une toile large comme le monde”

Posted by Katja Petrovic | | filed under: ,

What reality lies behind the virtual medium of the Internet, and what would our world be without the ‘www’? Swiss writer Aude Seigne (32) tackles these questions in her novel Une toile large comme le ...

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ELit Booktip: Marianne Jungmaier - Sonnenkönige

Posted by Markus Köhle | | filed under: ,

An Anti-Berlin Lifestyle Novel

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Literally Swiss – A Literary Cabaret

Posted by West Camel | | filed under: ,

Deborah Levy, a leading light of British literary culture, takes to the stage at London’s Tabernacle and declares that she has never visited Switzerland.

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Creative Criticism: Interview with Sophie Rabau

Posted by Léa Cassagnau | | filed under:

Sophie Rabau is an instructor and researcher at Sorbonne Nouvelle University (Paris 3). In her work, she endeavours to apply critical invention, or ‘creative criticism’.

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