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ELit Book Tip: Ulli Lust: “How I Tried to Be a Good Person”

Posted by Christian Gasser | | filed under: ,

Ulli Lust, in her mid-twenties, an aspiring artist in Vienna, is in love with two men: Georg, the 20-year-old actor, with whom things have fizzled out in bed; and Kimata, the Nigerian refugee, with ...

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ELit Book Tip: Zsófia Bán, Night School

Posted by Mark Baczoni |

Zsófia Bán’s first prose work, Night School, is being translated by Jim Tucker for upcoming publication in the US. It’s rather an unusual work, defined by its dark humour and subversive blurring of ...

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Camenisch and Grigorcea: Poetic Masterworks with Tantalizing Ruses

Posted by Beat Mazenauer | | filed under: ,

Arno Camenisch are two leading voices for young Swiss literature. They both enjoy a good reception with the audience, and this is also because of their communicative appeal. On the other hand, at a ...

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