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CrimeFest 2017 – an Editor’s view of the International Crime Fiction Convention

Posted by West Camel | | filed under: ,

There is a ‘no spoilers’ rule at CrimeFest. I would say it’s unwritten, as you won’t find it in any of the convention’s literature. However, during a panel she was moderating, crime writer Caro ...

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Dignity in Perilous Times: Arany is Worth His Weight in Gold

Posted by Wilhelm Droste | | filed under:

This year the Hungarians celebrate their greatest poet prince, and yet the world will scarcely notice. His name is János Arany. He was born two centuries ago, on 2 March 1817, in what was then ...

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Declaration on the Common Language

Posted by Saša Ilić | | filed under: ,

Zagreb – Sarajevo – Podgorica – Belgrade So far, thousands of citizens across the territory of the former Yugoslavia have signed the Declaration on the Common Language. This Declaration ruffled a ...

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