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Enard and Karahasan Two Contrasting and Complementary Views

Posted by Beat Mazenauer | | filed under: ,

Mathias Enard and Dževad Karahasan present a sympathetic, albeit contrasting view of the Orient and of Oriental culture. This is one reason why they have been frequent guests at the European ...

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ELit Book Tip: Dóra Elekes, Mother and the Ginns

Posted by Mark Baczoni | | filed under: ,

In this book, the Ginns come out of a bottle and never go back in. Instead, they go into the narrator’s alcoholic mother, taking control of her totally. Dóra Elekes’ book is about that experience ...

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ELit Book Tip: Maryam Madjidi, Marx et la poupée

Posted by Katja Petrovic | | filed under: ,

For a long time, Maryam Madjidi, the Franco-Iranian writer, didn’t know how she should narrate her “Persian stories”. Last autumn, the 37-year-old author turned them into a novel. Marx et la poupée ...

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ELit Book Tip: Lana Lux’s Novel "Kukolka"

Posted by Lena Gorelik | | filed under: ,

When you read enthralling books, there is always this moment when the novel is no longer just a novel. Take for example reading on a train: you look up in amazement to notice that you just missed the ...

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Visuality, Non-Agency and Found Footage in heves: New Trends in contemporary Turkish Poetry (2003-2010)

Posted by Efe Murad | | filed under:

Experimentation is not something new in poetry and cannot only be confined to the early 20th Century European avant-garde. Every experiment in different literary contexts is a new experience. What ...

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ELit Book Tip: Dominique Goblets Graphic Novel "Pretending is Lying"

Posted by Christian Gasser | | filed under: ,

In “Pretending is Lying” the Belgian comic artist Dominique Goblet illustrates the abysses of her childhood and comes up with some striking images.

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Posted by West Camel | | filed under: ,

China Miéville’s fiction output outnumbers his nonfiction by about three to one. So, while his political and academic credentials ...

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ELit Book Tip: Iris Wolff’s “So tun, als ob es regnet” – A Real Discovery

Posted by Rainer Moritz | | filed under: ,

Those with abundant reading material for professional reasons know the sense of fatigue and occasional slight disappointment along ...

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A Form of Inner Exile: The poetry of Péter Závada

Posted by Mark Baczoni | | filed under: ,

Poetry is a form of inner exile, the poet Péter Závada recently told me. We were talking about his first two collections...

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