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Lovely Ljubljana

Posted by Rosie Goldsmith | | filed under: ,

Slovenia may have closed its borders to international refugees, but it’s remarkably open to international literature.

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Peter Handke and His Reception in the German-speaking world / Über die Peter-Handke-Rezeption im deutschen Sprachraum

Posted by Peter Zimmermann | | filed under: ,

First, somebody has to match his record: Peter Handke has been in the spotlight of German-speaking literary criticism for fifty years. For every book, every play and every interview, even.

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What does Europe mean today?/ Was bedeutet Europa heute?

Posted by Katja Petrovic | | filed under: ,

What does Europe mean today? In light of the refugee crisis and financial collapse and the impending risk of failure of the European political project, booksellers from 19 European countries ...

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Mediterranean Europe/ Das mediterrane Europa

Posted by Walter Grond | | filed under: ,

In 1993 when the conflict was at its height in Yugoslavia, American political scientist Samuel Huntington published an essay that provoked not just heated controversy and opposition, but was also to ...

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A way out that is non-extant

Posted by Aleš Šteger | | filed under: ,

The predictions from the political prophets of doom have proven sadly accurate. The EU was abolished several months ago.

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Variations on a Theme

Posted by Judith Vonberg | | filed under: ,

There’s an unusual series of events happening at the Austrian Cultural Forum in London. I was there for the first one. Sitting in a large white-walled room, its vast windows overlooking a secluded ...

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Shakespeare is English!

Posted by Rosie Goldsmith | | filed under: ,

A few years ago I presented a BBC Radio programme called ‘Shakespeare is German’ about a season of Shakespeare plays and films performed in German in the UK, organized by The Globe Theatre in London, ...

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