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Provided they still exist, will tomorrow’s libraries resemble Apple Stores? / Si elles existent encore, les bibliothèques du futur ressembleront-elles à des Apple Stores?

Posted by Jacques Pezet | | filed under: ,

What are the libraries of tomorrow going to look like? Last month, during a dinner, I debated the question with Michael, an architecture student at Gothenburg University.

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Rainald Goetz: Reactions to the Georg Büchner Prize/ Reaktionen auf den Georg-Büchner-Preis

Posted by Rainer Moritz | | filed under: ,

German-speaking countries have no shortage of literature prizes and scholarships. When sales trends for non-mainstream literature are falling, not rising, such awards are an increasingly important ...

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What is Austrian about Austrian literature?/ Was ist österreichisch an der österreichischen Literatur?

Posted by Peter Zimmermann | | filed under: ,

In Austria, an audience attuned to culture gets indignant if Austrian writers are treated as German writers. This happens now and again – I last noticed it in Eva Menasse’s case in an anthology about ...

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Anyone who doesn’t feel good should go/ Wer sich nicht wohlfühlt, soll gehen/ من لم يشعر بالراحة في مكانه فليغادر نجم والي

Posted by Najem Wali | | filed under: ,

One of the magnificent quotes from Nobel Prize Laureate Mario Vargas Llosa about writers and exile is, “Anyone who doesn’t feel good, where he is, should go!”

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Fahrenheit 451

Posted by Beat Mazenauer | | filed under: ,

The ‘Perlentaucher’ website recently published a text by Wolfram Schütte “On the Future of Reading”. It was a flamboyant plea for a critical online journal that could be symbolically known as ...

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My experience of migration was prolonged/ Das Auswandern hat sich hingezogen

Posted by Ilma Rakusa | | filed under: ,

My experience of migration was prolonged: from my birthplace Rimavská Sobota, the journey led to Budapest, then to Ljubljana and onwards to the divided city of Trieste and in January 1951 to Zurich.

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Tim Krohn’s Human Emotions/ Tim Krohns menschliche Regungen

Posted by Beat Mazenauer | | filed under: , ,

In contemporary music the digital revolution has resulted in a heavy decline in profits from CD sales. Musicians must therefore find new incomes sources, for instance, with live appearances. ...

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From migrant literature to migrant literature/ Von Migrantenliteratur zu Migrantenliteratur

Posted by Lena Gorelik | | filed under: ,

For the first novel that I wrote, they loved me – slightly for the novel and slightly for my story. I was twenty-three. I first arrived in Germany when I was eleven and I couldn’t speak a word of ...

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