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The Problem of E-Book Lending in Public Libraries

Posted by Renata Zamida | | filed under: ,

Recently, I returned from Riga, where the annual meeting of the European umbrella association of libraries took place.

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Writing in Transient Places/ الكتابة في أمكنة عابرة

Posted by Iman Humaydan | | filed under: ,

This is the first time that I’ve finished writing a novel since I’ve been living in France. I believed that writing outside of my country would increase my feelings of being no place. But now I am ...

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The paradox of digital transformation – the Hungarian case

Posted by László Szabolcs | | filed under: ,

A recent visitor to Budapest, the novelist Jonathan Franzen, believes that we are living in a “media-saturated, technology-crazed, apocalypse-haunted historical moment” which constantly gives one the ...

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Understanding Austria: on literary criticism, Part 2/ Österreich verstehen: über die Literaturkritik, Teil 2

Posted by Peter Zimmermann | | filed under: ,

In part one, I explained that in Austria we practically have no professional literary criticism be it good or bad. There are a handful of managers of literary journals or literary shows. Plus, we ...

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Understanding Austria: on literary criticism, Part 1/ Österreich verstehen: über die Literaturkritik, Teil 1

Posted by Peter Zimmermann | | filed under: ,

The Feuilleton debates largely initiated by writers diagnose the condition of German-language literary criticism as feeble, if not degenerate. The tirades against the critics are a tradition that ...

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Who’s afraid of the e-Comic?/ Wer hat Angst vor dem E-Comic?

Posted by Christian Gasser | | filed under: , ,

The “ebook” has been the slow-burner for years at book fairs. At Comic Festivals, of course, events are organized about the e-Comic, although the approach is comparatively reserved and tentative. ...

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The future of our living literature: Europe as a continent of collaboration

Posted by Steven J. Fowler | | filed under: ,

I’ve said this often, and often to consternation, but I believe poetry, & literature in general, lends itself to collaboration as language does conversation, for it is in poetry we are renovating the ...

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Posted by Saša Ilic | | filed under: ,

The subscribers of Tageszeitung newspaper received on 10th March this year the second issue of Beton International, a 32-page annual supplement dealing with cultural and broader social issues, ...

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