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Sweet Reader’s Prejudices/ Sladki bralski predsodki

Posted by Ana Schnabl | | filed under: ,

Quite recently, a young poet sent me one of his poems, a poem which drew a lot of attention in his home country and was likewise noticed in Ljubljana’s artistic corridors. He wished to share it with ...

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Posted by fernain |

It’s been a pleasure being one of the judges The New Media Writing Prize, now in it’s fifth year, run by Bournemouth University who are leaders in the field of animation in the UK, and awarded ...

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Angela Merkel and Paul Celan move (themselves in) Budapest/ Angela Merkel und Paul Celan bewegen (sich in) Budapest

Posted by Wilhelm Droste | | filed under: ,

SNOW OF TOMORROW. Currently a minor miracle is happening in Budapest. The city is celebrating the poet Paul Celan with numerous events and an exhibition that runs until 20 February.

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Angoulême 2015 – Charlie Hebdo

Posted by Christian Gasser | | filed under: ,

The Angoulême International Comics Festival is the mecca of the comic scene. For the 42nd festival, illustrators, writers, publishers and journalists from around the world and over 200,000 comic fans ...

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