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Posted by Rosie Goldsmith | | filed under: ,

On a hot sunny Friday in June 2014 a group of us were engaged in heated battle. No, it wasn’t over whether England would win (!) at the World Cup in Brazil but over the Balkans. The UK has a pretty ...

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Durch die Abwehrreihen tänzeln

Posted by Rainer Moritz | | filed under: ,

Nicht nur die Literatur ist schön … Fußball auch.

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Europe’s Literature Festivals/ Europa und seine Literaturfestivals

Posted by Walter Grond | | filed under: ,

On the last weekend in May, the 36th Solothurner Literaturtage and Pro Helvetia (the Swiss Arts Council) invited several organisers of literature festivals to take part in an exchange of ideas. ...

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The Editorial Department?! / Lektorat?!

Posted by Hans-Gerd Koch | | filed under: ,

Writers have never been perfect at grammar or spelling: they didn’t need to be, they could rely on their editors and proof-readers to knock their text into shape. These days, many people, including ...

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Posted by Rosie Goldsmith | | filed under: ,

A minor earthquake took place in the UK this week. No, it wasn’t the results of the European Elections (although the earth certainly has moved there) but the amazing news that in May 2014 the ...

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The Digital Graphic Novel

Posted by Gottfried Gusenbauer | | filed under: , ,

Daniel Lieske presents Wormworld Saga at NEXT COMIC Festival in Linz.

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Literature and Political Commentary in the Czech Republic/ Literatur und politische Kritik in Tschechien

Posted by Jaroslav Balvin | | filed under: ,

Under Communism, all Czech writers who criticised conditions at the time, even indirectly, were persecuted, if not imprisoned.

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