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My experience of migration was prolonged/ Das Auswandern hat sich hingezogen

Posted by Ilma Rakusa | | filed under: ,

My experience of migration was prolonged: from my birthplace Rimavská Sobota, the journey led to Budapest, then to Ljubljana and onwards to the divided city of Trieste and in January 1951 to Zurich.

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Tim Krohn’s Human Emotions/ Tim Krohns menschliche Regungen

Posted by Beat Mazenauer | | filed under: , ,

In contemporary music the digital revolution has resulted in a heavy decline in profits from CD sales. Musicians must therefore find new incomes sources, for instance, with live appearances. ...

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From migrant literature to migrant literature/ Von Migrantenliteratur zu Migrantenliteratur

Posted by Lena Gorelik | | filed under: ,

For the first novel that I wrote, they loved me – slightly for the novel and slightly for my story. I was twenty-three. I first arrived in Germany when I was eleven and I couldn’t speak a word of ...

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An inside view of the Centre for Anglo-German Cultural Relations

Posted by Judith Vonberg | | filed under: ,

Renowned across Europe as a unique and progressive institution, the Centre for Anglo-German Cultural Relations (CAGCR) at Queen Mary, University of London, recently celebrated its 10th anniversary. ...

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An Attempt to Define Exile/ Ein Versuch, das Exil zu definieren/ محاولة في تعريف المنفى نجم والي

Posted by Najem Wali | | filed under: ,

Often, writers in exile are faced with the question why they left their country and whether ultimately this wouldn’t lead to a loss of their memories, to their forgetting those private and cherished ...

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Digital Horizons I. – Print vs. Online Literary Journals

Posted by László Szabolcs | | filed under: ,

Presently, this complex web of texts, people, and relations we call Hungarian literature ranges from the pantheon of reclusive, almost mythical off-the-grid figures of a golden generation, to the ...

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The Writers’ Protest at the Paris Salon du livre/ مسيرة الأدباء داخل معرض الكتاب في باريس

Posted by Iman Humaydan | | filed under: ,

From its founding in 1981, throughout its entire thirty-two years, the Paris Salon du livre never witnessed a protest by writers, poets, translators or publishing houses. The first such ...

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A Leaf Out of the Calendar Publishers’ Book/ Von Kalenderverlagen lernen

Posted by Dirk Rumberg | | filed under: ,

Anyone who is interested in digital innovations on the book market will occasionally benefit from looking beyond their own business domain. The music industry is an obvious example (read more here ...

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Writing in Space / Die Schrift im Raum / L’Ecriture dans l’espace

Posted by Beat Mazenauer | | filed under: , ,

In the 1990s, hyperfiction pointed new ways into the literary future. Mark Amerika’s Grammatron narrated a Golem story through short text particles, which were interlinked, and offered alternative ...

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