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With Iman Humaydan in Melk/ Mit Iman Humaydan in Melk

Posted by Peter Zimmermann | | filed under: ,

22.10.2015. An October morning in Melk is a good time for reflection. Under overcast skies the ‘executive suite’ of the Benedictine Abbey rising in its pastel yellow above the town gives a quiet ...

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The awkward subject of commitment/ Die schwierige Sache mit dem Engagement.

Posted by Peter Zimmermann | | filed under: ,

23.10.2015. All over the world (at least I think so) people enjoy talking about the weather. They mainly do so because grumbling about the weather is a constant, and there is no fear of any ...

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Is the ebook boom already over?/ Ist der E-Book-Boom zu Ende?

Posted by Dirk Rumberg | | filed under: ,

In the week prior to the Frankfurt Book Fair the reports and rumours were amassing that the ebook market had reached its limits of expansion – at least for published titles. Widely divergent figures ...

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Novels without fictions/ Romane ohne Fiktionen

Posted by Jürgen Ritte | | filed under: ,

As the French writer Patrick Deville occasionally muses his stories are basically “novels without fictions”. Deville is the author of brilliant continental investigations, reportages, historical ...

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How two young Dutch entrepreneurs are shaking things up in the media industry/ Wie zwei Endzwanziger die deutsche Medienbranche aufmischen

Posted by Henning Kornfeld | | filed under: ,

Two Dutch entrepreneurs in their late twenties who are more comfortable wearing hoodies than formal suits have succeeded in achieving something in Germany where even reputable media organizations ...

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Immigrant Literature in the Mother Tongue/ الأم

Posted by Iman Humaydan | | filed under: ,

“Did you go to the Salon du livre in Paris this year?” This is a question I posed in passing to a number of Arab writers who live in Paris and write in their mother tongue. The answer given by most ...

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The Hungarian Window in Vienna/ Das ungarische Fenster in Wien

Posted by Wilhelm Droste | | filed under: ,

Anybody who wants to get to know Hungary now – to understand or even to want to understand – should switch off the radio, put down the newspapers and not go online. Instead, he or she should pick up ...

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Exile and the burden of home on us/ Das Exil und die Last der Heimat auf uns/ المنفى ووطأة الأوطان فينا نجم والي

Posted by Najem Wali | | filed under: ,

It is right, of course, that many writers and artists are ‘geographically’ in exile. Yet in my view, back ‘home’ they had already gone into inner exile since they became aware of the pain in the ...

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Is The Political Making a Comeback?/ Kehrt das Politische zurück?

Posted by Rainer Moritz | | filed under: ,

On Literature in 2015. It sounds so easy: you pick the most important novels, short stories and poetry editions from a year; you assess and evaluate them, and finally you say what these novels, short ...

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