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Day Two – Celebrating and Questioning the Concepts We Use

Posted by László Szabolcs | | filed under: ,

Being dedicated to the topic of “the migrant,” yesterday the various literary programs at the European Literature Day in Spitz revealed a rich collection of valuable insights and reflections on the ...

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With Iman Humaydan in Melk/ Mit Iman Humaydan in Melk

Posted by Peter Zimmermann | | filed under: ,

22.10.2015. An October morning in Melk is a good time for reflection. Under overcast skies the ‘executive suite’ of the Benedictine Abbey rising in its pastel yellow above the town gives a quiet ...

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The awkward subject of commitment/ Die schwierige Sache mit dem Engagement.

Posted by Peter Zimmermann | | filed under: ,

23.10.2015. All over the world (at least I think so) people enjoy talking about the weather. They mainly do so because grumbling about the weather is a constant, and there is no fear of any ...

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