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The Unhappy Children of Central Europe

Posted by Mark Baczoni | | filed under: ,

It seems to me that there’s a theme in recent Hungarian literature, the literature of writers who grew up mainly in the seventies, and that is the theme of the unhappy child.

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Post-Yugoslav Literature and Fragile Communities

Posted by Saša Ilić | | filed under: ,

Yugoslavia has disappeared, but its spirit continues to live in works of fiction being written in its former territories, spanning “from the River Vardar to the Triglav mountain”...

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Note to the Newer Slovenian Film Adaptations

Posted by Gorazd Trušnovec | | filed under: ,

A brief overview of statistics shows that over 40% of all films produced between the inception of Slovenian cinematography after World War II and 1991 were literary adaptations. After Slovenia’s ...

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A nostalgic look back

Posted by Christian Gasser | | filed under: ,

From 26 to 29 January, the 44th Angoulême International Comics Festival was held in south-west France. This is the top event in the European comics world...

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The Centre and the Periphery in Literary Translation

Posted by Renata Zamida | | filed under: ,

The Diversity Report 2016, conducted once more by the Austrian Association for cultural transfers ( is also the web page where you can download the Report for free), is a ...

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The Fight for Europe. State of Exception, reloaded

Posted by Priya Basil | | filed under: ,

Words have been wielded aplenty to diagnose the EU’s poor state of health and write various prescriptions for treatment. But words have had little effect: the EU...

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Frankfurt Book Fair 2017 – New French Literature 2

Posted by Katja Petrovic | | filed under: ,

She won the accolade of the Prix Goncourt in 2016: Leïla Slimani, aged 35, born and raised in Rabat, based since her eighteenth year in Paris where she works as a journalist and writer. She is the ...

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WRITERS VS. BARBARIANS - 90 years of Serbian PEN center and (self)censorship

Posted by Saša Ilić | | filed under: ,

Back in 1985, at the international conference in Budapest organised by the Federation for Human Rights, Danilo Kiš read his short, memorable essay on censorship. The author described it as a ...

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