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Elit Booktip : Marion Messina, Faux Départ

Posted by Léa Cassagnau | | filed under: ,

however, education means studying at a university, writing CVs and motivation letters, jobbing under fixed-term contracts and, for those who are lucky enough, working under a permanent contract. ...

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ELit Book Tip: Ulli Lust: “How I Tried to Be a Good Person”

Posted by Christian Gasser | | filed under: ,

Ulli Lust, in her mid-twenties, an aspiring artist in Vienna, is in love with two men: Georg, the 20-year-old actor, with whom things have fizzled out in bed; and Kimata, the Nigerian refugee, with ...

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Camenisch and Grigorcea: Poetic Masterworks with Tantalizing Ruses

Posted by Beat Mazenauer | | filed under: ,

Arno Camenisch are two leading voices for young Swiss literature. They both enjoy a good reception with the audience, and this is also because of their communicative appeal. On the other hand, at a ...

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Twelve Winning Authors 2017: European Union Prize for Literature

Posted by West Camel | | filed under: ,

As I work my way through an anthology – any anthology really – I almost always find myself struck less by the individual stories I’m reading and more by the overall picture that is painted; the set ...

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ELit Book Tip: Sasha Marianna Salzmann, Außer sich

Posted by Lena Gorelik | | filed under: ,

I am in love. Firstly, I’m in love with Alia, then with Uncle Cemal and later with Anton; I’m in love with Istanbul anyway, and I’m in love with Sasha Marianna Salzmann’s language – with individual ...

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Posted by Sergej Lebedew | | filed under: ,

I was born in a country where fearlessness was an unwavering ideological dogma, running like a red thread through every book, film, and newspaper article.

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European Literature Days 2017 | Day 3

Posted by Rasha Khayat | | filed under: ,

After an eventful first day with plenty of topics to discuss, Saturday in Spitz happily continued at a gentler and more relaxed pace. Yet the programme was no less engaging.

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European Literature Days 2017 | Day 2

Posted by Rasha Khayat | | filed under: ,

The first day’s programme here in Spitz was packed full to bursting. That doesn’t make the task of this chronicle writer any easier to give a retrospective account of the high-calibre panel ...

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