This unique day is part of our ‘European Literature Network’ mission to improve the promotion of international literature and translation in the UK and to help individuals and organisations in the UK, both British and international, to collaborate more successfully and operate more effectively in public and in the media.  It will also be a great chance for everyone to link up with others in the field. 

THE MORNING 11:00-13:00, will be dedicated to a practical workshop on ‘Funding & Grants’.
THE AFTERNOON 14:00-17:00, will be a ‘Powerhouse PR and Presentation Networking Taster Workshop’ (!) for all those PR and press officers, publishers, writers, individuals, cultural institutes etc working in the field of international literature and translation. During this afternoon session, please speak in your official capacity. You are however not self-promoting but instructing in the art of promotion! Your slot can be 15 - 30 minutes; half that time you speak, then please take Q & A or do practical exercises (whatever you wish to do). Please first introduce yourself and your work and also give your top ten tips for ‘getting the message across’ (in promoting international literature in public and in the media). If you have any PR or media campaigns you can use as examples – or exercises – please bring them along.

Europe House
32 Smith Square
London, SW1P 3EU
United Kingdom

in the framework of ELit Literaturhaus Europa

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