Writers: Peter Balko (Bratislava), Daniela Emminger (Vienna), Anna Ospelt (Vaduz), Filip Springer (Warsaw),
Moderator: Hans Koch (Cologne)

Live stream of Readings

Live stream of Readings

Four young European writers – four books that, in their different ways, trace forms of wilderness and being wild. Peter Balko’s novel Zusammen sind wir unbesiegbar tells a Tom Sawyeresque and Huckleberry Finn-style story at the Hungarian-Slovakian border. Daniela Emminger found accommodation in Hitler’s birthplace in Braunau. She changed into a gorilla costume when writing, to fathom out how power and morality are being redefined in our time. Anna Ospelt held the 2019 Deutscher Preis for Nature Writing. In Wurzelstudien, she explores the story of a tree, its relations and ‘elective affinities’. Filip Springer’s Kupferberg traces how nature incorporates what is man-made and a small mining town vanishes from the earth.


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