Free admission, booking essential
Second plenary discussion: the headline theme of the European Literature Days 2021 “Travel Routes. On the Road to Be Free?”
Keynote: Andrea Marcolongo (Paris): The Sea, Love and Courage to Set Forth. What the Argonauts Saga Tells Us
followed by discussion with Andrea Marcolongo (Paris), Karin Fleischanderl (Vienna) and Patricia Portela (Lisbon, Antwerp)
Moderator: Rüdiger Wischenbart (Vienna)

Free admission, booking required

Andrea Marcolongo offers a new reading of the story of Jason, who sets sail in search of the Golden Fleece, – with Argo, the first boat that the Gods ever created. Marcolongo reinterprets this Greek myth about setting forth into the unknown and sets the saga in the context of our modern lives. How do we fare today when it comes to our courage to persist in unfamiliar situations?


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