Writer: Sjón (Reykjavík)
Reading: Johannes Silberschneider (Munich)
Concert: Ernst Molden and Ursula Strauss – Wüdnis
Moderator: Katja Gasser (Vienna)

Live stream of Reading and Concert

Live stream of Reading and Concert

CoDex 1962, recently translated into German, is a kind of Icelandic One Thousand and One Nights. It is a love story, crime thriller and science fiction rolled into one. Just before the end of the Second World War, a young maid and a Jewish fugitive meet in a North German guesthouse and make a baby out of clay. This is the cue for the great Icelandic fabulist to seduce his readers in a fantastical puzzle. Much of it remains a mystery and yet merges together in a wonderful way. “Brilliant, that someone like Sjón has the guts to be entertaining in a manic way”, is Skånska Dagbladet’s verdict about the novel.
Wüdnis evolved from a collaborative project with the actor Ursula Strauss and songwriter and poet Ernst Molden. The songs describe the wilderness in and amongst people; they tell of war in the backstreets, of a night-time escape into the forest and into love.

In cooperation with Glatt&Verkehrt Festival.


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