Introduction by Elisabeth Voggeneder to the exhibition PARK SEO-BO UND ADOLF FROHNER. Paris 1961
Writers: Felicitas Hoppe (Hamburg) and Erik Fosnes Hansen (Oslo)

Moderator: Veronika Trubel (Vienna)

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The literary-artistic soirée once again offers a sensuous as well as cross-disciplinary experience: visual arts and literature that draw from the richness of travel and cultural exchange.

The exhibition at Forum Frohner tells the story of a friendship between two artists from completely different cultural backgrounds and highlights their artistic common grounds. In the works of the Korean artist Park Seo-Bo and the Austrian artist Adolf Frohner, we discover interfaces between Buddhist thinking and the knowledge of Western art history.

The readings and conversations with Felicitas Hoppe and Erik Fosnes Hansen introduce two international literature stars who both published fascinating books about travel and the experiences that one can build on through travel. Their literature is worldly wise, deepening awareness and their brilliant writing is full of ideas.

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