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Writers: Ghayath Almadoun (Stockholm), Priya Basil (Berlin)

In her book Gastfreundschaft (“Hospitality”), Priya Basil explores the principle of the open society. “You’re cordially invited ...” This statement creates a pleasant sense of anticipation, for instance, about an enjoyable evening with delicious food and good conversations. But much-acclaimed hospitality involves far more than that – it is a versatile give and take, which includes family, friends and strangers. And it means something different in every culture.

Ghayath Almadhoun’s poems raise a voice for the victims of the Syrian civil war, for refugees and asylum seekers, the injured and those left behind. Almadhoun is himself a war refugee; he finds a possibility to capture the unspeakable destruction in words. He describes sadness, homesickness, love and pain.

Priya Basil is a passionate advocate of a hospitable Europe. But how hospitable actually is our society today?


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