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Literature House Europe is an international network whose purpose is to shed light on contemporary issues from the unique perspective of writers. Founded in 2015 by institutions from six European countries, Literaturhaus Europa is still evolving. It initiates meetings and the exchange of ideas with writers and presents literature in the stimulating context of digitization and globalization as well as exploring other art forms and media formats.

Literaturhaus Europa organizes collaborative events in different countries and makes the topics of special interest available on the interactive platform literaturhauseuropa.eu. The highlight of the annual programme are the European Literature Days in Krems an der Donau/Austria.

Literaturhaus Europa is dedicated to the philosophy that literature has not lost its magic even in the age of wall-to-wall media usage, and that story-telling is a valuable means of orientation and development. The programme appeals to all those who are interested in literature and wish to gain a better understanding of our modern world

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