A Leaf Out of the Calendar Publishers’ Book/ Von Kalenderverlagen lernen

Veröffentlicht von Dirk Rumberg | | abgelegt unter: ,

Anyone who is interested in digital innovations on the book market will occasionally benefit from looking beyond their own business domain. The music industry is an obvious example (read more here ...

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Writing in Space / Die Schrift im Raum / L’Ecriture dans l’espace

Veröffentlicht von Beat Mazenauer | | abgelegt unter: , ,

In the 1990s, hyperfiction pointed new ways into the literary future. Mark Amerika’s Grammatron narrated a Golem story through short text particles, which were interlinked, and offered alternative ...

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‘The Annual Hay Party Conference?’ Hay-on-Wye Festival 2015

Veröffentlicht von Rosie Goldsmith | | abgelegt unter: ,

My annual Hay Party (Conference?) began and ended loudly.

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What do the results of the British general election mean for British and European support for the arts?

Veröffentlicht von Sophie Wardell | | abgelegt unter: ,

There is a tremble on the lips of theatre directors in London. There is a nervous tic in the eye of culture house chief execs, festival managers and freelance curators across the UK. Further afield, ...

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The Problem of E-Book Lending in Public Libraries

Veröffentlicht von Renata Zamida | | abgelegt unter: ,

Recently, I returned from Riga, where the annual meeting of the European umbrella association of libraries took place.

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Writing in Transient Places/ الكتابة في أمكنة عابرة

Veröffentlicht von Iman Humaydan | | abgelegt unter: ,

This is the first time that I’ve finished writing a novel since I’ve been living in France. I believed that writing outside of my country would increase my feelings of being no place. But now I am ...

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The paradox of digital transformation – the Hungarian case

Veröffentlicht von László Szabolcs | | abgelegt unter: ,

A recent visitor to Budapest, the novelist Jonathan Franzen, believes that we are living in a “media-saturated, technology-crazed, apocalypse-haunted historical moment” which constantly gives one the ...

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Understanding Austria: on literary criticism, Part 2/ Österreich verstehen: über die Literaturkritik, Teil 2

Veröffentlicht von Peter Zimmermann | | abgelegt unter: ,

In part one, I explained that in Austria we practically have no professional literary criticism be it good or bad. There are a handful of managers of literary journals or literary shows. Plus, we ...

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Understanding Austria: on literary criticism, Part 1/ Österreich verstehen: über die Literaturkritik, Teil 1

Veröffentlicht von Peter Zimmermann | | abgelegt unter: ,

The Feuilleton debates largely initiated by writers diagnose the condition of German-language literary criticism as feeble, if not degenerate. The tirades against the critics are a tradition that ...

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Who’s afraid of the e-Comic?/ Wer hat Angst vor dem E-Comic?

Veröffentlicht von Christian Gasser | | abgelegt unter: , ,

The “ebook” has been the slow-burner for years at book fairs. At Comic Festivals, of course, events are organized about the e-Comic, although the approach is comparatively reserved and tentative. ...

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