European Literature Days 2016: Review of Petina Gappah

Veröffentlicht von Beat Mazenauer | | abgelegt unter: ,

Some rulers seem to live forever. Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe is one of them. Born in 1924, there seems to be no end to his almost 40-year-old regime. In Petina Gappah’s debut novel “The Book of ...

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An interview with translator Don Bartlett

Veröffentlicht von West Camel | | abgelegt unter: ,

Don Bartlett has translated some of Norway’s most prominent and popular contemporary writers, including Jo Nesbø, Roy Jacobsen, Lars Saabye Christensen and Kjell Ola Dahl...

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European Literature Days 2016: Review of Gabriela Babnik

Veröffentlicht von Judith Vonberg | | abgelegt unter: ,

Multiple stories are interwoven in Gabriela Babnik’s Dry Season...

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CROWD Literature’s Omnibus Project

Veröffentlicht von Steven J. Fowler | | abgelegt unter: ,

CROWD Literature’s Omnibus project was a literary tour like few others, running from May to August in 2016, from the far north of Finland to the beaches of the Mediterranean in Cyprus...

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European Literature Days 2016: Review of Robert Menasse

Veröffentlicht von Katja Petrovic | | abgelegt unter: ,

In 2012, Robert Menasse’s essay Der Europäische Landbote. Die Wut der Bürger und der Friede Europas was published (trans. Craig Decker as “Enraged Citizens, European Peace and Democratic Deficits”). ...

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Copyright in Slovenia

Veröffentlicht von Miha Mazzini | | abgelegt unter: ,

The biggest US companies ten years ago were ExxonMobil, General Electric, Microsoft, Citigroup and Bank of America. Today they are Apple, Alphabet, Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook...

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European Literature Days 2016: Review of Zsófia Bán

Veröffentlicht von Eszter Ureczky | | abgelegt unter: ,

Zsófia Bán is both a trespasser of cultural-geographical boundaries and a builder of bridges―between continents, races, genders and languages.

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2016 German Book Prize: The Countdown Has Begun

Veröffentlicht von Rainer Moritz | | abgelegt unter: ,

Despite all the hostilities, the German Book Prize – nominating the “best novel” since 2005 – is long established as one of the most prestigious awards...

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European Literature Days 2016: Review of Birgit Weyhe

Veröffentlicht von Christian Grasser | | abgelegt unter: ,

Foreign ‘guest workers’ also lived in the GDR. They came from socialist sister countries in the Third World...

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