Elit Booktip : Marion Messina, Faux Départ

Veröffentlicht von Léa Cassagnau | | abgelegt unter: ,

Coming-of-age stories seem to be enjoying a revival. Today, however, education means studying at a university, writing CVs and motivation letters, jobbing under fixed-term contracts and, for those ...

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ELit Book-Tip: Elizabeth Taylor: “Angel”

Veröffentlicht von Rainer Moritz | | abgelegt unter: ,

Elizabeth Taylor (born in 1912 in Reading; died in 1975 in Penn) was overlooked as a writer for a long while, even in Great Britain. Too much a stranger to London and its literary circles, she ...

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ANTI-EUROPEAN ZONE - Strictly controlled identities in Serbia

Veröffentlicht von Saša Ilić | | abgelegt unter: ,

In the acclaimed film Stalker (1979) by Andrei Tarkovsky, the director uses a a metaphor of a mystical Zone to which one travels in order to face the unknown, namely to meet one’s own deepest desires ...

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