Shakespeare is English!

Veröffentlicht von Rosie Goldsmith | | abgelegt unter: ,

A few years ago I presented a BBC Radio programme called ‘Shakespeare is German’ about a season of Shakespeare plays and films performed in German in the UK, organized by The Globe Theatre in London, ...

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Love at First Sight: British Crime Fiction and the Germans

Veröffentlicht von Judith Vonberg | | abgelegt unter: ,

For two days at the end of January, ‘Brit Crime’ took over the Humboldt University in Berlin. It was the British Council’s annual literature seminar, bringing together contemporary British writers ...

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Peter Vermeersch (BE): Night Travellers

Veröffentlicht von Peter Vermeersch | | abgelegt unter: , ,

Most of the time you don’t notice them, also not when you’re leaving on another trip, even though you damn well know they’re there. They too are on the move.

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Copyright laws in Austria/ Urheberrechtsgesetze in Österreich

Veröffentlicht von Gerhard Ruiss | | abgelegt unter: , ,

Good at being right – bad at defining right

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The Favourites Are Dying Out/ Das Favoritensterben

Veröffentlicht von Rainer Moritz | | abgelegt unter: ,

It’s time to discuss the next round of prizewinners gain. Hardly has the usual flurry of excitement in the run-up to the Frankfurt Book Fair and the German Book Prize award to Frank Witzel subsided ...

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European Literature? /Europäische Literatur?

Veröffentlicht von Katja Petrovic | | abgelegt unter: ,

Does European literature exist? If so, in what way is it influenced by writers whose lives and works are rooted in the diverse cultures, languages and countries? Nicole Bary, the French publisher and ...

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Literary merit and contemporary themes: Best European Fiction 2016 & Essential New European Literature, Volume I

Veröffentlicht von West Camel | | abgelegt unter: ,

2016 sees a Europe in flux, with the clarity, certainty and purpose of its post-war projects being disrupted by both internal and external forces.

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Libraries Matter

Veröffentlicht von Rosie Goldsmith | | abgelegt unter: ,

Saturday February 6th 2016 is National Libraries Day in the UK. Literary luminaries, from Joanna Trollope, Ali Smith and Neil Gaiman, to former poet laureate Andrew Motion, have lined up to support ...

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Veröffentlicht von Beat Mazenauer | | abgelegt unter: ,

In Switzerland, at the close of 2015 an old book has been released in a new format: «Rosa Laui» by Kurt Marti appears as an audio CD recorded by Guy Krneta and others.

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Migration, Identity and the Literary Imagination/ Migration, Identität und die literarische Imagination

Veröffentlicht von Iman Humaydan | | abgelegt unter: ,

“We are all migrants… Writers are migrants.” This is how the Scottish writer Alison Louise Kennedy ended her opening remarks at the seventh annual European Literature Days Festival in Spitz, Austria. ...

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