Writing in Space / Die Schrift im Raum / L’Ecriture dans l’espace

Veröffentlicht von Beat Mazenauer | | abgelegt unter: , ,

In the 1990s, hyperfiction pointed new ways into the literary future. Mark Amerika’s Grammatron narrated a Golem story through short text particles, which were interlinked, and offered alternative ...

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The Problem of E-Book Lending in Public Libraries

Veröffentlicht von Renata Zamida | | abgelegt unter: ,

Recently, I returned from Riga, where the annual meeting of the European umbrella association of libraries took place.

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The paradox of digital transformation – the Hungarian case

Veröffentlicht von László Szabolcs | | abgelegt unter: ,

A recent visitor to Budapest, the novelist Jonathan Franzen, believes that we are living in a “media-saturated, technology-crazed, apocalypse-haunted historical moment” which constantly gives one the ...

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Who’s afraid of the e-Comic?/ Wer hat Angst vor dem E-Comic?

Veröffentlicht von Christian Gasser | | abgelegt unter: , ,

The “ebook” has been the slow-burner for years at book fairs. At Comic Festivals, of course, events are organized about the e-Comic, although the approach is comparatively reserved and tentative. ...

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Why does it feel so difficult to throw books away?

Veröffentlicht von Sam Sedgman | | abgelegt unter: ,

After recently moving house, and being confronted box by box with just how much stuff I seem to own, I found no trouble in joyfully throwing plenty of it away. But not my books. Though I threw out ...

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Sweden and the ebook/ Schweden und das E-Book

Veröffentlicht von Karina Boehm | | abgelegt unter: ,

A gradual approach to the digital reader age.

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Which books are hits on the web/ Welche Bücher das Web bewegen

Veröffentlicht von Henning Kornfeld | | abgelegt unter: ,

The American doctor William Davis wouldn’t touch bread, biscuits or pizza with a barge pole: his mantra is that wheat is unhealthy and makes you fat. Davis’s message resonates in Germany: this ...

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Are you paying attention? How social networks are changing how we read

Veröffentlicht von Sam Sedgman | | abgelegt unter: ,

Reading a book is refreshingly anti-social. It’s hard to read a book when someone is talking to you. It’s hard to read a book when you’re thinking about something else. It’s one of the few artforms ...

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Blooming deserts in need/ Die Not der blühenden Wüsten

Veröffentlicht von Walter Grond | | abgelegt unter: ,

After Amazon’s takeover of the US website “Goodreads”, the owners of the Holzbrinck-financed online books website “Lovelybooks” reacted extremely calmly. This is a typical reaction in this sector. ...

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Anticipating the Leipzig Book Fair/ Vor der Leipziger Buchmesse

Veröffentlicht von Rainer Moritz | | abgelegt unter: ,

When the Leipzig Trade Fair’s impressive Glass Hall was officially opened in the mid-1990s, it was in the stars what this investment would mean for the Leipzig Book Fair.

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