Way Ahead of Politics: Literary Bridge between Belgrade and Pristina/ Daleko ispred politike: Književni most između Beograda i Prištine

Veröffentlicht von Saša Ilic | | abgelegt unter: ,

With a thirty-year delay, on 25th August 2015 the Prime Ministers of Serbia and Kosovo signed four agreements in Brussels, as part of the Brussels negotiations on normalization of the relationship ...

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Migrants in Hungarian literature I: emigrants

Veröffentlicht von Ágnes Orzóy | | abgelegt unter: ,

“Leave the place that is not good for you. Those who are leaving are right to do so. And they will regret it, just like those who are staying.” (Endre Kukorelly)

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“That’s our common enemy. Period. That’s it. End!” France’s Writers On the Terror in Paris/ Das ist unser gemeinsamer Feind. Punkt. Aus. Ende! Frankreichs Schriftsteller über den Terror in Paris

Veröffentlicht von Katja Petrovic | | abgelegt unter: ,

Three days after the terror attacks, on Monday, despite the continuing state of emergency, the French people returned to everyday life. Schools, shops, cinemas and concert halls are now open again. ...

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Islamists or Far-Right Extremists – Who Will be Hollande’s Successor?/ Islamisten oder Rechtsextremisten, wer wird Hollandes Nachfolger?

Veröffentlicht von Katja Petrovic | | abgelegt unter: ,

One and a half years before the French presidential elections the political climate in France is tense. Trust in François Hollande has long since ebbed away and a second term in office looks more ...

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The Happy Well-Read Troll Tavern/ Gostilna Pri veselem načitanem trolu

Veröffentlicht von Aljoša Harlamov | | abgelegt unter: ,

The Slovenian novel began in a tavern. This doesn’t mean that Josip Jurčič wrote continuously drunk. (Although that is how most of early Slovenian poetry came to be.)

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Digitization boosts the literary selection at the libraries/ Digitaliseringen styrker de danske bibliotekers litteraturtilbud

Veröffentlicht von Lise Vandborg | | abgelegt unter: ,

In times of digitization and a growing literary market of diversity, the libraries enforce the information and knowledge and access to literature. Digitization supports the literary conversation both ...

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Prix Goncourt 2015: Mathias Enard and/ und Boualem Sansal

Veröffentlicht von Katja Petrovic | | abgelegt unter: , ,

It’s literary awards time – this week is France’s most important season for literary accolades. The Prix Goncourt goes to Mathias Enard for his novel Boussole and not to Algerian writer, Boualem ...

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Yes, it does work! On the arte series “Writers of Europe”/ Und es geht doch! Über die arte-Serie „Europa und seine Schriftsteller“

Veröffentlicht von Katja Petrovic | | abgelegt unter: ,

It’s well known that literature and television are difficult to reconcile. When you’re reading you embark on a quiet and leisurely journey to an imaginary realm, but the TV viewer expects ...

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The Migrants/ (Die) Migranten

Veröffentlicht von A.L. Kennedy | | abgelegt unter: ,

When I first wrote this lecture a summary of my argument could have been – when art fails, there is cruelty, because cruelty in humans is caused by a lack of imagination. There are not enough human ...

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The world must be romanticized/ Die Welt muss romantisiert werden

Veröffentlicht von Peter Zimmermann | | abgelegt unter: ,

The world must be romanticized. Only in this way will one rediscover its original senses.

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