About Change and Digital Oblivion/ Változás – A frissítés mint felejtés

Veröffentlicht von Szilárd Borbély | | abgelegt unter: ,

I am searching on the internet. I am searching for the word “change.” The most important change to shape the technology of research is the fact that now we always start with the internet. Myself ...

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Media Tax, Not TV Licence Fees/ Mediensteuer statt Fernsehabgabe

Veröffentlicht von Beat Mazenauer | | abgelegt unter: ,

Swiss citizens recently voted about new regulations for their radio and television licence fees. The result was an extremely close vote for a licence fee that, similar to the German model, is not ...

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The E-Book Market: How English is Displacing Smaller Languages

Veröffentlicht von Renata Zamida | | abgelegt unter: ,

What do e-books mean in the context of preserving “lesser used languages”? Practically nothing. Whoever works in the book industry knows what the wider used languages are, and what they mean. This is ...

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Book talk – yesterday and today/ Büchergespräche, gestern und heute

Veröffentlicht von Lena Gorelik | | abgelegt unter: ,

I was sitting on the sofa chatting to two friends about books – those I’ve read and forgotten, and those I have to read and forget; about phrases that would stand the test of time, and stories that ...

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Digital Horizons II. – Online Popularization of Poetry, Part 2

Veröffentlicht von László Szabolcs | | abgelegt unter: ,

The second project is called “InstaVers,” and it is an Instagram-inspired initiative which aims to present and popularize contemporary poetic texts on the internet through social media.

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Digital Horizons II. – Online Popularization of Poetry, Part 1

Veröffentlicht von László Szabolcs | | abgelegt unter: ,

Poetry doesn’t sell too well nowadays. Perhaps it never did, really. Nonetheless, in the last two hundred years it was a highly popular cultural phenomenon, both for the elite and increasingly for ...

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Provided they still exist, will tomorrow’s libraries resemble Apple Stores? / Si elles existent encore, les bibliothèques du futur ressembleront-elles à des Apple Stores?

Veröffentlicht von Jacques Pezet | | abgelegt unter: ,

What are the libraries of tomorrow going to look like? Last month, during a dinner, I debated the question with Michael, an architecture student at Gothenburg University.

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Tim Krohn’s Human Emotions/ Tim Krohns menschliche Regungen

Veröffentlicht von Beat Mazenauer | | abgelegt unter: , ,

In contemporary music the digital revolution has resulted in a heavy decline in profits from CD sales. Musicians must therefore find new incomes sources, for instance, with live appearances. ...

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Digital Horizons I. – Print vs. Online Literary Journals

Veröffentlicht von László Szabolcs | | abgelegt unter: ,

Presently, this complex web of texts, people, and relations we call Hungarian literature ranges from the pantheon of reclusive, almost mythical off-the-grid figures of a golden generation, to the ...

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A Leaf Out of the Calendar Publishers’ Book/ Von Kalenderverlagen lernen

Veröffentlicht von Dirk Rumberg | | abgelegt unter: ,

Anyone who is interested in digital innovations on the book market will occasionally benefit from looking beyond their own business domain. The music industry is an obvious example (read more here ...

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